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Baltimore Social Swingers

Baltimore Social Swingers

A social group for swingers in the Baltimore area.

  • NOTE: SINGLE MALES: Unless you are sponsored by an existing member, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN. Also, people who are being unfaithful or looking to be unfaithful to their partner will not be allowed to join.

    What we would like to see come of this meetup is to have a bunch of events (vanilla and non-vanilla) where swingers can come together to have fun. Notice I didn't say "cum" together. While always funny, the emphasis of this group is not play. It's about meeting swingers. Some you might be interested in playing with, some you might want to just be friends with, and that's okay. We also hope as you become regulars with the group, you might lead events for others to enjoy.

    We would like to see awesome swingers join, people who are honestly in the lifestyle. To help keep out the creepers, we prefer people that can provide their profile names on either SLS, Alt Playground, or Kasidie. You can verify our profile by searching bmorecuriouscouple2 (SLS and Alt) or bmorecuriouscpl2 (Kasidie). Others can sign up as well, but please be aware we might reject you if your profile appears sketchy. Also, all single males must be validated by existing members.

    As for the type of events, let your imagination take control. It could be going out to an awesome restaurant (we're foodies), a pub crawl, dancing at a night club. It could be an organized hike, biking, or a day trip to a beach. It could be a going a burlesque show, heading to a strip joint, or even enjoying one of the swinger clubs in the area. The point is, it could be almost anything and, as you get more involved with the group, we welcome others to lead events.

    Finally, while we are calling it the Baltimore Social Swingers, we are certainly not limiting ourselves to the Baltimore area. We are actually centered between the Baltimore, DC and Annapolis areas, and enjoy all of them. Please don't feel like you're not included just because we said Baltimore. :-)

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    Friday, 10 November 2017
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