Date Male Visits with a Current Member and Sponsored Single Males for their OWN Membership 

Date Male Visits with Current Members for a One Night Visit

Want to bring a Male Friend as your Date Male? Here is what you need to know:

All Tabu Members Bringing a Date Male for a VISIT MUST Notify us by Email NO Later than 7 PM the day they intend to bring them for a Visit.

Send your Email informing us that you will be bringing a Date Male To Vicki at and include the following information:

  • Your First and Last Name (Both if you are a Couple)
  • Your member number
  • The Males First and Last Name
  • IMPORTANT the Date you will be bringing him as your Date
    datevisit male"Date Member Visits" are for current members ONLY. You may not bring a "Date Single Male" on your first visit to Tabu. The purpose of a "Date Single Male" is for either Single Female Members or Couple Members to bring a Single Male to visit Tabu that they are not going to sponsor for a FULL Tabu Membership.

Single females bringing a "Date Male" for a visit will together pay $10 OVER the Couples rate at the door to attend. A Couple bringing a "Date Male" will pay their normal Couple rate and the "Date Male" will pay $10 OVER the Single Male Door rate for the night.
Single FEMALES joining, you MUST get a membership and attend as a Single Female.
"Date Males", will be required to join as FULL members of Tabu.

Sponsored Single Male Information 

(Their Membership is attached to yours and you ONLY get 1 for the life of your membership)

All current members may sponsor one single male after 6 months of active membership. This SPONSORED male will forever be attached to your membership, so choose this person wisely. To sponsor a single male you must email Vicki at and include the following information:

  • Your first and last names:single male
  • Your member number:
  • Their first and last names:
  • His full date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
  • His city:
  • His zip code:
  • His country:

This email needs to come from your email on file with the club. You will get a confirmation email once your records have been fully verified. You MAY NOT sponsor a single male at the door.
There are no EXCEPTIONS.

NOTE to Single Males:

Do NOT Email US. NO REALLY ... Please do not email us on HOW to find a sponsor or to get you a sponsor. That defeats the entire purpose of us having a sponsorship program. Your sponsor needs to know you personally and be not only comfortable with you as a person but also know that you will follow proper Lifestyle etiquette. Our suggestions to you are to join a local lifestyle website and treat people with 110% respect. 

Tabu's Suggested LIfestyle Websites to Join

Tabu is not your average swingers club, it's more a lifestyle club than just a club for swingers
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