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Tabu Club Membership Rules

          1. No means NO!!!
          2. All Alcohol must be out of the building by 2am (Excludes NYE)
          3. You must be at least 21 years old to become a member of TABU Social Club.
          4. You must provide valid identification every time you enter the facility.
          5. TABU Social Club is BYOB meaning that you must bring your own alcohol. Sodas, juices and all other setups are provided. We cannot and do not provide any alcohol.
          6. You agree to hold harmless GS Events INC (DBA) TABU Social Club for any and all activities related to your membership.
          7. The use of any of the facilities including but not limited to the dance poles and dance cage are at the sole risk of the member and TABU Social Club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for injuries sustained from the use or misuse of these facilities. Dancing is ONLY Permitted in designated areas assigned. Dancing not permitted in the Bar area and Vicki's Lounge.
          8. "Single Males" Must have an eligible PRE ARRANGED "Sponsor" that is a current "Member Couple" or "Member Single Female" with Tabu for Over 6 months. By "SPONSORING" a single male you are attesting to the character and social skills of that person. Your sponsorship will be forever attached to that person and should they be removed from membership for ANY reason, your ability to sponsor anyone in the future will be revoked. You are not eligible to sponsor until you have been an ACTIVE member for 6 months.
          9. Each member couple and member single female will have the ability to sponsor ONLY ONE single male member for the life of your membership. You have been ACTIVE members for SIX (6) months before you become eligible to sponsor anyone.
          10. You agree to treat all other members and staff with the utmost respect.
          11. 10. You agree that your membership in TABU Social Club is strictly for recreational purposes and that you will not attempt to damage or harm the reputation of the club.
          12. The use of CAMERAS or other RECORDING EQUIPMENT (including cell phones with picture capabilities) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We will have photographers on staff from time to time taking photos that are the property of TABU Social Club and can provide you a "No Photo Wrist Band" upon your request. We reserve the right to confiscate any cameras and delete or destroy any pictures taken.
          13. The distribution, solicitation or possession of Illegal Drugs of any kind will not be tolerated at TABU (which includes the entire property inclusive of the parking area.) Any member who violates this policy will be immediately removed, their membership permanently revoked and the appropriate authorities notified.
          14. Use of Cannabis is not permitted in the club.  Not in any form.  Although MD goes recreations 7/2023 we have guest that may not be exposed for security clearance reasons. 
          15. Confidentiality is important to the lifestyle. Respect other's privacy on the outside, keep the fun on the inside.
          16. Any violation of these rules can and will lead to immediate and permanent revocation of your membership without refund.
          17. TABU management, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse admission or membership to anyone for any reason.
          18. You agree that you are not offended by nudity, adult themes or sexual situations.
          19. Solicitation or Prostitution of any kind is strictly forbidden.

            NO Pay for play of any kind, anyone attempting to Prostitute or Solicite another member for any reason what so ever, PERIOD.  Anyone found attempting to use the club as a "House of Prostitution" will be immediately removed from the club and permanently banned from membership.  Anyone found attempting to do any form of these items or found to have committed them will be immediately removed, banned from membership and the authorities will be notified.  Tabu strongly supports the state's laws and will again help provide information to authorities if so warranted.  
            THESE are ZERO Tolerance items for us at Tabu.

          20. Members dancing is only permitted in the designated dance area and the required admission must be paid.
          21. Any attempt to record, photograph or video any member or any portion of TABU for purposes of publication or broadcast is strictly prohibited and WILL result in civil litigation of you and any organization that you represent for Monetary Damages.
          22. Your electronic signature on files holds to a binding contract between you, Tabu Social Club and VNR Enterprises to maintain confidentiality of all members the club and events within the walls of the club, Violation of another members confidentiality can and will result in your membership being revoked and legal actions being taken against you for monetary damages as warranted. Your membership can and never will be fully deleted to maintain this binding contract. So your electronic signature is your acceptance of these policies and all rules of the club fully without edit or correct of any kind.
          23. Tabu reserves the right to amend and change these rules as needed to protect the club and its members.
          24. Tabu along with other Club Owners in the area working to provide a safe environment for all is necessary will share BANNED Member information.  Agreement of membership also accepts that you know and understand that will happened if banned for blatant club and lifestyle safe practice violations.

Vicki's Lounge Rules:

          1. All Tabu Membership Rules STILL apply in Vicki's Lounge.
          2. Single Males or males unaccompanied must be accompanied by a single female or a couple at all times, while in Vicki's Lounge.
          3. No means NO!!!

          4. Don't touch unless you've been asked to even if you have asked in the past. Consent is a must.
          5. These rooms are a place for private conversations; keep the loud conversations in the lounge area only. No dancing is permitted in Vicki's Lounge what so ever.
          6. Please do not wander the halls and be respectful of those already in the Private Suites.
          7. Clean up after yourself. We provide trash receptacles, please use them.
          8. All Vip Suites MUST be assigned by the attendant at the Lounge Area of Vicki's Lounge.
          9. Time limits will be set if others are waiting for Private Suites.
          10. No SMOKING, GLASS, or OPEN FLAME in Vicki's Lounge.
          11. No Cameras or Recording Equipment of ANY kind Anywhere in TABU or Vicki's Lounge. This includes using Camera Phones.
          12. No possession or use of Illegal Drugs will be tolerated. Your membership WILL be revoked and the authorities will be notified.
          13. The Group room is a Play to stay location.  No standing and talking.  Please leave the room once done as well.
Any violation of these rules may lead to your membership being revoked permanently.
Thank you for making TABU and Vicki's Lounge a safe environment for everyone.
Tabu Social Club Management

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