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Club Information

What is the average age range of the members?

Our average age range is between the mid to late 20's through late 40's. That in no way means we do not have members as young as 21 and some their 50's. Tabu has a very wide range of ages and is designed so that EVERYONE can have a great time!!!

Do I have to be 21 to attend?

Yes. We are a BYOB club and everyone has to be at least 21 years old to attend. NO EXCEPTIONS! Everyone also needs to have a state-issued ID that will be verified at the door. 

How many people will be at the club?

We do not require pre-registration to attend the club EXCEPT for a few events. Since we do not require pre-registration, we have NO idea how many people will be there on any given night. If we told you anything different, we would be making it up. Fridays are a great night for first-timers but really any night is fine.

What is the ethnic makeup of the members of the club?

Tabu is a Lifestyle club. The lifestyle is about choices. We do not cater to any single ethnically based group. As we said, the lifestyle is about choices. We have a wide range of ethnic backgrounds in our membership base. There are people there for everyone.

Is there a dress code at TABU?

Yes. Please follow it. Men need a collared shirt or a sweater is fine in the winter months as well. No T-shirts or thermal shirts for the guys. No hats for the guys unless it's a theme night. Remember, this is a lifestyle club... Dress to Impress. Jeans are fine if they are in good condition. Need we say more? Ladies you can dress as SEXY as you like and not feel out of place. For more specific information on dress codes please go to the club information page.

What type of Lifestyle Private Membership Club is TABU?

Tabu is unlike any other lifestyle club you have been to in the past. We have two totally separate levels. One level is a HIGH energy bar/dance club. The lower level is Vicki's VIP Lounge and includes very upscale and clean private VIP suites for our members to use for personal conversations.

Is there a different charge for Vicki's VIP Lounge?

NO, it is included in your nightly visit dues.

Inside the Club

What amenities are inside the club?

Tabu is an upscale dance club with a raised dance floor and two dance poles for our female members to enjoy. An elevated dance cage, a lady’s ONLY dance stage and a quiet lounge area with plush comfortable seating. BYOB full-service bar and 5 coolers to keep your beverages ice cold. Private VIP suites, showers, and towels; lockers are available to store your items (you may bring a lock).

Do you have the Mixers for our drinks?

Yes. We provide all of the normal mixers. Diet Cola, Cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic, OJ, Cranberry, Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Sour. We do have energy drinks on tap both diet and regular TOP GUN Energy Drink. If you desire them, please bring them with your BYOB.

Do you have lockers?

Yes. You may bring your own lock or we do have them available for sale at the office.

What types of payments do you take at the door for our visit fees and annual membership?

We now take Cash, Debit cards, Visa and Master Card only. You do get a discount for cash payments over credit or debit.


Do we have to become a member to attend Tabu?

Yes. All couples and single females are required to become members of the club. This means you are required to pay an annual membership fee every year. You cannot enter the club until you have become a member.

Do I need to be a member to attend the events?

Yes. Membership is required to attend. No one enters the club that is not a member. Sorry, no exceptions are made to our membership rules.

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How would a two-girl couple join the club?

Each lovely lady will need her own membership and would pay the single female rate each time she attends. We do not provide a separate option for lady couples. For membership purposes, only a couple's membership can have a female and a male member.

Can single males join Tabu Club?

NO... Single Males may only become a member through sponsorship. Tabu will not find sponsors for single males, so please don't ask. Please read the information about Single Males. Tabu and Single Males

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