Dress Code

Tabu's Dress Code in Effect NOW

Yes, Men MUST Have a Collared Shirt Shorts are fine during the summer months at TABU While we at TABU do not believe it is our job to instruct our members on how to dress. We do however feel that maintaining an environment that is reflective of our commitment to provide the best all-around atmosphere for everyone is.

We have come to a point where we need to define what that means as it relates to the APPROPRIATE dress for the club.

Men are REQUIRED to either Wear a Collared Shirt Year-Round or DRESS Sweater in winter months. This is a very easy rule to follow, no Collar or no sweater means no entrance.

The only Exception is being Dressed in the THEME for the evening. Shorts are fine in the summer guys! We do have TABU Collared Shirts available for purchase at the door every night we are open.

TABU is a very upscale environment and as such most of our members dress in an upscale fashion. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are some VERY basic guidelines you should follow:

Men no longer wear T-shirts of any kind unless it is specific to a themed event that given evening. 
T-Shirts are defined as a collarless short-sleeved, full-sleeved or sleeveless usually cotton undershirt; also: an outer shirt of similar design, this includes tank tops, wife beaters, and long-sleeve T-shirts as well. NO THERMAL Shirts. The price you paid for your shirt has no relevance on our policy
Men A collared shirt or Sweater will be required. A polo shirt is fine. A button-up dress shirt is fine. A dress sweater is fine in the winter. YES, Sweaters are fine for our Fall and Winter Dress Codes.
You get the idea, just No T-Shirts, and No THERMALS Please.
We reserve the right to make the final decision on what we feel is the appropriate dress.
So please dress to impress with a collared shirt or sweater and this will always be avoided.
This is DRESS shirts, Dress Sweater or Polo shirts for the guys.

Ladies we still suggest sexy attire, the hotter the better. For the ladies that choose to dress less sexy on any given night, they need to follow our basic dress code and DO NOT Wear T-shirts either.

If there is a themed event we HIGHLY encourage you to dress in this theme for that night. Occasionally themes would permit a less dressy attire. So make sure you know the themes prior to dressing out of dress code.

No drooping or extremely baggy pants.

No Sweat suits or Sweat pants. This is not the gym, it is an Upscale club.

No Hats, baseball caps or other headgear unless you are dressing in theme for the event. A fedora or Dress hat is fine but suggested to be taken off when inside.

No torn or tattered jeans.

Shorts are appropriate in warmer months. No Cutoff shorts unless they are on the lady and she looks HOT

No sweat suits, running suits or other similar athletic wear.

No bandannas, stocking caps or other similar headwear.

Ladies are encouraged to dress as SEXY as they would like at all times.
There are certain things that are prohibited and have been for some time with the exception of when appropriate for an evening theme.
Please help us avoid having to turn you away at the door and we will!.
Dress to impress!

Special Single Male Prepaid Events

(Limited to ONLY 5 gentleman per night)

You MUST have an assigned Tabu Date Male # or card.

First Come First Serve and they are NON Refundable spots.

Tabu is not your average swingers club, it's more a lifestyle club than just a club for swingers
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