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Maryland Swinging Lifestyle

Tabu is the perfect place to meet other like-minded adults who are interested in the swinging lifestyle. We have gone to painstaking lengths to provide our members with a clean, fun, and safe environment to interact socially, casually, or sexually.

Tabu Lifestyle Club is a private membership Social Club that caters to mature, open-minded adults. Tabu is also a BYOB club, which means "bring your own bottle" and we encourage you to do so. We will provide all set ups at no additional charge.



  • Members Appreciation Party
  • Anything Anywhere Party
  • Blackout-Friday
  • Basic Black
  • Anything Anywhere Friday
  • St Patrick's Shake my shamrocks
  • Casual and Newbie Night Friday
  • Casual and Newbie Night Weekend Saturday Night
  • Happy-Hour
  • Blackout-Sat
  • Spring Training
  • Anything Anywhere Party
  • Blackout-Friday
  • Anniversary
  • Casual and Newbie Night Friday


 Tabu, Tabu Social Club, Tabu Lifestyles are all registered trademarks of VNR Enterprises LLC. Tabu is in no way associated with any other lifestyle clubs.


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Tabu Social Club
1115 N. Rolling Road Catonsville, MD 21228

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Tabu is not your average swingers club, it's more a lifestyle club than just a club for swingers

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