play safe stay safe

This is an extremely important massage for all members to please read.

This message is for all our members, staff and friends.  

We have the August events all listed as suspended  as of this time.   Tabu Events

We want to make sure you all understand that ALL CLUBS, Bars (operating as a bar without serving sit down meals) and Nightclubs are legally required to follow the guidelines of the Governor’s office as an executive order.  That order still requires us to be closed.

They have still not entered Phase 3 of the Re Opening Plan and have PAUSED the Re Opening plan while we are still in phase 2.  They made it abundantly clear that NO County is permitted to override this order.  Regardless of what other business may do or say.  If they are open in the state, they are in violation of these orders as are potentially anyone in attendance. 

In the state of Maryland, it is not legal for any lifestyle club to be open.  Please know we will not hold events until it is fully legal to do so.  We feel the health and safety of the members, staff and ourselves is far too important.  Putting you in jeopardy it not something we are willing to do. 

Please be safe, encourage all your friends and family to wear a mask, follow good hand cleaning hygiene and maintain 6 ft socially distant.  Doing these items will help us all get to a better place where the club is able to re-open again legally.


stay safe play safe 2 small