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Membership Cost and Fees

Tabu Lifestyle Club is a Private Membership club catering to mature adults 21 and over. Memberships are granted to Couples and Single Females. Visit our Membership page to view costs for memberships, renewals, and upcoming events.

You MUST be a member to enter Tabu Lifestyle Club

Single Male Info

Can single males join Tabu Club?

NO ... Single Males may only become a member through current member sponsorship. Tabu will not find sponsors for single males, so please don't ask. Please read the information about Single Males and Date Male Visits.

Tabu and Single Males

Dress Code

Tabu Dress Code

Yes. Please review the FAQ page, link below.

Remember, this is a lifestyle club ...

Dress to Impress.


View Dress Code / FAQ

Covid-19 Updates

From January 11, 2021 20:00 until January 31, 2021 02:00

**Events have suspended at Tabu until April 2nd, 2021 for your health and safety.**

Please understand we do know some clubs have elected to defy the State Orders and have opened.  We will not put the members or our staff in jepordy during this pandemic.  We have prided ourselves in always operating leggally and will not change that now.  Please join the NEWSLETTER if you do not already recieve it for updates and announcments for when we can legally open again.  Every indicator shows that Bars, Social Clubs, Night Clubs and other business of this nature will not be opened until Maryland enters Phase 3.  We appreciate your understanding. 

xoxo Vicki (Updated as of Jan 12th, 2021 )

We will re review when events may resume on an ongoing basis.  Your Health and Safety is the first priority.

For our most update to information to on the Clubs Events as well as our statements for the members on the effects of the Covid-19 Virus on the club, please go tour BLOG.  Vicki will be updating them at lease weekely for your information. 


Some members have inquired about that will happen to their membership time lost due to the Mandated Closing by ececutive state order.  At time time we will handel those when the club is back open. We may require a specific return visit by a specifed timeframe to be granted that time back.  Our goal is to take care of all the members and keep you all whole.
Vicki and Gary







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