DONATE to Tabu Covid-19 Updates

From December 01, 2020 21:00 until January 31, 2021 02:00

Donations are welcome at any time. 

Please feel free to donate directly to the DJ's or directly to the club it's self.

You support and genriosity are greatly appreciated.  As we have always said are you leave any night from the club, PLEASE BE SAFE!!


For our most update to information to on the Clubs Events as well as our statements for the members on the effects of the Covid-19 Virus on the club, please go tour BLOG.  Vicki will be updating them at lease weekely for your information. 


Some members have inquired about that will happen to their membership time lost due to the Mandated Closing by ececutive state order.  At time time we will handel those when the club is back open. We may require a specific return visit by a specifed timeframe to be granted that time back.  Our goal is to take care of all the members and keep you all whole.
Vicki and Gary

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