Pink is the NEW Black

From October 05, 2018 21:00 until October 07, 2018 02:00

Pink is the NEW Black
We need EVERYONE to WEAR Pink Tonight, the more Members wearing PINK the Bigger the Donation will be!

That's RIGHT!

We are going to donate $5 for every Member number that is wearing PINK Tonight.  So everyone Please WEAR Some Pink and help raise so major funds!  PLUS beacuse we love ALL OUR Members both the Guys and GALS , we have a gift for everyone!  We have gotten some Special Shower cards that have both Breast Exam Instructions on one side and Testicula Exam Instructions on the other instructions.  Preventions is all of our best line of defense in preventing cancer.

With your help tonight we are going to start of Breast Cancer Awearness Month  raising some money for Local Breast Cancer Support Groups that Kathy will personally pick.  We ALL LOVE Kathy and have watched her FIGHT LIKE a TRUE Warriorer the past year.  So who better to help us pick who we should make our donation to this year.

Ladies we have a Special PINK VIP TANK Tonight with a portion going to Charity too!

laties t sm We only have a limited amount of these shirts and once they are GONE they are GONE.  $25 for each shirt of which $15 will go straight to the charity tonight as well.  We have 3 of each size ladies so get yours tonight!  We have the following sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XL & XXL.

Open 9 pm - 3 am - The alcohol has to go at 2 am
(Party Open to All Tabu Members and New Members)
Regular Friday Vist Fees in Place Tonight 


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