You may not want to really know what is on my mind.....From Vicki

So I really do not know the best way to respond to the email question I got today randomly at 11 am on Monday morning.
"Hi.  How u making out.  Do u think tabu will reopen this year.   Any thoughts."
I actually find myself somewhat infuriated at the question. I suspect they may be possible offended at my response I sent back to them.
This is not my response but my thoughts before I sent it instead.
First as a business owner in a situation like this I am left (along with my business partner) to carry all of the required expenses to maintain our legal obligations for the location on our own without any supporting revenue. I too on top of that have also loss my personal income as well. Yes I have applied for every grant, SBA loan and assistance loan we are permitted to and are now sitting and waiting. Some of these grants and loans were applied for coming up on a month without any answers of approved or denied. I am now getting unemployment which I am extremely thankful for. Unemployment income is to help cover personally immediate needs and in no way would put even a small dent into the business obligations I have. I am not sure some people actually understand the gravity of that. Yes I did have some personal money set aside to cover some of this. But in all honesty, my husband has been a saving grace to provide me needed capital in the short term to help fa-fill the obligations.
Rent for a locations, required insurance for the locations, basic minimal utilities, required legal licensees , regular pest control services, maintenance requirements and the list goes on........ Add to that the constant worry for the employees that have also lost their revenue. Our worry is immense.
We have tried with the help and support of the DJ's to do weekly offerings to listen with them and have pleaded for members to donate with every single dime going directly tot he Staff and DJ's each week. With some amazing members they have gotten a little extra money each week. I know people are in the same situation as we are. But in all honesty it has been a consistent few that have supported that. With over 34,000 members I would have hoped they may have been more compassionate for the employees to even make a small $5 donation is helpful.
So I pondered the questions. The answer is I do not know. What I would I like to say is "things will be open by said date".....or that "things will get back to normal by this said time". Really, anything I say at this moment is purely a shot in the dark, blindfolded with out the use my arms or legs. REALLY I have no answer to that.
I don't want to alarm people but you do need to know, this is going to change many things. Things we have not even thought of or considered at this one moment in time.
So we ask, if you can help us support the Staff and DJ's. PLEASE DO so over and over again... not one dime of this comes to us. It is ALL going to the staff and DJ's directly.
We ask that if when the club is able to open, you support us every single night you can. We have a lot to recover to just hope we can come out whole in the other end with out detrimentally permanent damage to us personally.  If you do want to Donate you can always do so at : Donate Tabu Staff Here"
I hope the message causes you to take pause for a moment. It should, you do need to know and understand the actual impact on the business owners. It is not just us. There are many other business owners that are dealing with these same challenges every single day. Many like myself have literally put their entire life-saving into these ventures to provide a place for you. Your support will be needed. I have been blessed to do something I love, the people I have meet along the way have been the lifeline that has continued to breath life into me every step of the way. I just hope moving forward this is the same.
Thank you for reading my long winded thought process. I love you all. Please be safe, PLEASE practice social distancing guidelines and keep your loved ones safe with you at home. xoxo Vicki

HERE Is my actual reply to him and his response back is mind blowing!!!

My Reply to his email: What ever happens our members and employees health and safety concerns will be our first priority.

I have no idea how else to ask a question like that. Question for you, what is going through your mind to ask that question at 11 am on a Monday? That is kind of a mind boggling question out of the blue.

The local authorities we do feel are doing what is needed to protect the people.



HIS Response back to me:

Really ur going to come at me. Really the damn government is the fault of this period. The are lying to us about how it started. All this technology an we are in this bullshit contest an they don't know how to solve this. Sorry to bother u dought lll come to your club anyway. Do you think the government will bail you out if ur closed a long time. HELL NO. They give u a laon because u couldn't pay the last one. Idiots.

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Monday, 28 November 2022

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