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Convo-19 Update March 27th


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UPDATED Important Safety Measures March 27th
Tabu will be Suspending Events for 2 Weeks
March 26th - 28th Events Suspended
April 3rd - 4th Events Suspended
Our goal is to resume our regular events as soon as it is deemed safe for the members. We will update you each week if we will be adding the events 2 weeks out to being Suspended.
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Want to stay connect to TABU and HELP all the Employees and DJ's you know and love at the Club?
Here is how, the DJ's did sets last week and will be doing them again for you to listen to.  Just like being at the club,  Party in your bedroom, turn you Basement in to Temporary Tabu how you listen is totally up to you.  WE DO ASK for a SMALL Donation or what ever you want to donate.  THESE FUNDS Go directly to the Employees and DJ's in this time of need.

Listen to DJ EFXX Set March 20th HERE

Listen DJ Kutt Set March 21st HERE

Listen to DJ Efxx March 27th HERE

DJ Sets March 27th & 28th will be here for you!


How about connecting to other members on line? 

You can do that too!  If you have a TABU Membership Card (NOT a Wed ID # , sorry) You can join Tabu Connections for FREE and set up a profile and communicate with over 1000 of Tabu's Members.  There is CHAT also available as well.

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Message from Vicki directly,

On a good note it is nice to see other club owners supporting the community and keeping the clubs closed for now.  Our goal as I am sure is there as well is the over all health and safely for the committing as a whole.  Anyone that is not practicing social distancing is really not looking out for you.  YOU Matter to us.  Please stay safe. 

Also THANK YOU SO MUCH to the following members that went above and beyond with their donations for the staff and DJ's last week:

Deb and Lou

Kristina and Matt


Todd and Sarah



Drea and Ramon

Michael with Casual Swinger

Katie and Matt


We look forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe for everyone!


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Join Tabu's DJ's in your own home this weekend. ...
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Monday, 28 November 2022

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