UPDATED Important Safety Measures April 17th
Tabu will be Suspending Events through the end of April as of this time.
Our goal is to resume our regular events as soon as it is deemed safe for the members and staff. YOU are our priority.
Convo-19 Update April 17th
Here is how to connect
UPDATED Important Safety Measures April 10th
Tabu will be Suspending Events through the end of April
Our goal is to resume our regular events as soon as it is deemed safe for the members.
(ALL Proceeds from your donations or the Toy Party are being directly donated to the Staff and DJ's of Tabu)
1.Tabu Toy Drive you can still buy on line!!!
(Guys you really need to let her attend this event, a Happy Partners makes for a HAPPY HAPPY Quarantine for
Get your Awesome TOYS and other fun stuff on line NOW, She is shipping things out FAST TOO!
For those Members that are in the Private Facebook Group we will be doing a ZOOM Video Toast for Tabu's Anniversary.
Join us Saturday Night for a Toast for Tabu's 16th Anniversary on ZOOM!!
If you are Friends with Vicki Shobe Sorensen Gonzalez on Facebook you can ask to join the group up until 6 pm tomorrow. You have to a HARD Plastic Tabu Card to join the group, the number is required. The page will have the Call link tomorrow early evening.
A Special Message from Vicki and Gary to all of our our members.
If you know how much we care and love our members you also know how much we care and love for our Staff We are taking all the steps we can to get help from the State and Federal Government but it is a VERY Slow process. We applied for Grants and loans weeks ago. We have applied to get the Care Act Loans for our Staff. We are now just waiting. So your help in this time of WAITING is so greatly appreciated. Just a few dollars to them means a meal, extra food on the table and possible a moment of relief that they know you care too!
Thank you for any help what so ever you are able to provide them.
Vicki and Gary
And like we have always said every-time you leave the club at the end of the night, BE SAFE!
4.Did you know you can
Connect with us at TABU ON LINE!
TABU HAS Chat with other members too!
How about connecting to other members on line? 
You can do that too! If you have a TABU Membership Card (NOT a Wed ID # , sorry) You can join Tabu Connections for FREE and set up a profile and communicate with over 1000 of Tabu's Members. There is CHAT also available as well.
(You must list your Tabu Number and we do match it to your membership so valid information on names is also required.)
We want to encourage all of our members to PLEASE follow the direction of your states or the Dc government. Please remain home, practice social distancing and now they encourage EVERYONE wear a face-mask. YES as simple as a bandana or cloth mask can help protect you from unknowingly spread the Convid-19 virus if you do not have a normal surgical mask, CDC Information on Mask
Also THANK YOU SO MUCH to the following members that went above and beyond with their donations for the staff and DJ's last week:
Deb and Lou
Kristina and Matt
Bill B
Lori Sue
Nick & Annie
Kim W
Allison & Drew
Glenda & Pete
Katie and Matt
Rich S
Aretha J
Missie & AC


We look forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe for everyone!
Tabu has made the decision to suspend our events through the end of April. In all honestly we see continued suspension of events thorough most if not all of May as well. We have made this decision to protect the safety and welfare of our members, staff as well as the family and loved ones they come in contact with on a daily basis. We feel your health and safety far exceeds the need to hold these events.
We have come to this decision with the assistance and guidance of the CDC, WHO, Governor of Maryland and the Maryland Health Department have all urge the practice of Social distancing as a way to protect ourselves and our loved ones as well as the community as a whole.
We have not come to this decision lightly and have put everyone's best interest first.
Here is our FULL Most Recent Update for our members. You can find them all here:
We look forward to your next visit and will see you soon.
Up Coming Tabu Events
We will resume events as soon as it deemed safe is our plan at this time. We will update the events on our Web Site as well as through our Newsletters.
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