Safe sex is Better Sex for all!

So this blog is going to be a little bit different then just posting information about the club. 

As one of the owners of TABU I have always been huge supporters of Safe Sex Practices.  So what does that really mean, anyway?

To me Safe Sex Practice involves many different aspects for an individual.

Knowledge, Testing, Prevention and Personal Safeguards.

Knowledge am not talking about the Sex Talk or even what we learned in Health Class as kids.  Safe sexy is far more than using birth control to prevent pregnancy.  It's about knowing different types of sex, foreplay, or during play and what ways you can protect you and your partner or partners from being exposed to different STD, Virus or health risk.  There really is not way to cover them all, but we can go over some basics.  I am going to also provide some links as well for more knowledge sources.  I am no expert by any means but I do spend an enormous amount of time, money and energy related to this topic. 

Let's talk about Condoms. 

Latex is best for prevention towards sexually transmitted disease, Sexually transmitted infection and also help with preventing pregnancies.

Both Male and Female, Finger condoms  and Dental Dams are available.  There are Latex, Non-Latex, Lambskin, Flavored, Spermicidal, Ribbed, Lubricated, Ultra-thin and yes novelty as well.  The best Practice to have your own and know what works best for you, your desire and individual needs as well as know you are protected. 

Don't forget Finger Condoms too!  Yes you can use latex Finger Cots for Finger play. 

Never assume that someone else will take the steps necessary for your personal protection.  Yourself, your health, your life.

Let's talk LUBE. 

Spit really isn't a good substitute for Lube.  It tries out and actually some people can be sensitive to the Bactria in your mouth. 

Coconut Oil should NOT be used with Condoms.  It may break down the latex resulting in transfer of an STD or resulting in pregnancy. 

Water Based Lubes are very Safe Sex Positive.  They do get absorbed fast so reapplying may be needed.  This is also the BEST to use with Condoms.

Silicon-based Lubes are great for marathon sessions.

Warming Lubes.  Actually, do the opposite but giving the sensation of getting warm. 

Your Butt does not have ANY Natural Lubricant.  So for a more comfortable anal play a Lubricant is suggested.

Lets Talk Hygiene

If you are doing Oral on someone it is a good idea to sterilize before you interact with another as a matter of courtesy.  What am I saying?  If you lick someone somewhere, clean your mouth.  The next person you kiss will thank you for it!

Let's avoid the as my husband call "Dick by Proxy" or Pussy by Proxy or event Ass by Proxy.    Don't pass along another bodily fluids without permission.

Bathing is not a prevention for STD or STI.  Personal hygiene is not just for you though.  Poor hygiene can invite a variety of other issues. 

All natural, Shaved, unshaved, trimmed, waxed or lasered these are all personal preferences.  To each their own.  Whichever way you go, it is suggested to never share Razors, trimmers and have your technicians always use safe handling of any and all items related to personal hygiene.  No double dipping on waxes, new covers on lasers or sterilize in-between patients and Areas such as anal region.

 Knowledge is Power

Educate yourself.  Visit your local health department, search their web site.  Did you know many offer FREE STD & STI testing or reduced rates?  There are also many not for profit companies that work with communities to educate and provide resources. 

NOTE From Vicki at TABU:

I will continue this Blog I think on going if people seem to like the information.  So your feedback is appreciated.  Again, I am not an expert, I am not a trained health professional.  My goal it to just start some communication and possible help lead you to some better practices or re affirm the ones you know are the right path to safer sex health.  Xoxo Vicki


Sexual Health Information

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Explore Health (Great source for searching many questions you may have)

The Journey Center Baltimore Testing Services

Safer Sex for Woman Guide , Dept of Veteran Affairs


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Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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