Message to Single Males and Date Males


A message from Vicki to Single Males and potential Date Males of Tabu....

If you are attending as a Single Male as a guest of a club member or are guest of our of our arranged web sites, this is a special event for us at TABU and are permitting the single male members from this site to attend.  We want to review some club basic rules to help make your visit enjoyable for both you and other guest as well.  You are highly encouraged to Dress in the THEME for this party.  A nice shirt and tie can go a long way in a lady’s eye or for a couple looking for a sharp dressed and respectful single male to socialize with.  

Tabu is a No Pressure environment for everyone.

We go by a basic rule that “no always means no” which means if some so no don’t take it personally, just thank them for their time and look at it as an opportunity to meet some other great members.   Not everyone is interested in everyone and we all have likes and dislikes. 

You are encouraged to be engaging with other members but not overbearing.  It’s a fine line and a smile and a hello can go a long way. 

Etiquette with couples would be to normally introduce yourself to both parties.  I would suggest the man first followed by the lady.  But please, don’t forget to talk to the lady and include her in the conversation as well.   Now this is coming from me as a lady, possible a guy might suggest a different order, to me it is just respectful to my partner that way.

Don’t ASSUME.  It’s always good to know everyone’s boundaries, rules, expectations.  Make sure you are all on the same pages.  Communication is the key to an appropriate time and no mis understandings, hurt feelings or far worse.  

Do not get DRUNK! No one likes someone that is overly intoxicated.  Eat a good dinner, pace yourself and show good judgement.  You are bringing your own alcohol; the cups are big and we suggest drinking water in between drinks if needed to maintain a level of sobriety.  And UBER if you are drinking to avoid drinking and driving.  It works great at the club.

Single Males are not permitted in Vicki’s VIP Lounge unaccompanied by either a couple or single lady and must stay with them at all times.  There are not warnings to this, if you are found in the lounge without your couples or single female you will be directed to return to the main club area and if you return to the lounge without them you would be asked to leave club entirely and will not be permitted to attend the club again in the future.  The way we look at it is, we’re adults and these are our basic club rules and must be followed, if a guest can not follow those then they cannot follow all of our other rules and should not be at the club. 

This is a lot of information but it’s REALLY CRUCIAL information that will help you and everyone have a GREAT Time!

We look forward to your visit! Xoxo Vicki

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Sunday, 28 November 2021
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